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not dead! just not active.... sorry if you were looking for a blow by blow of every moment of my life.... it's not something i do, like ever! feel free to browse... there isn't much here, but what there is could use some concrit, esp my stories/fragments.... enjoy!


my first remixed fic!

A/N: So I stumbled across this prompt fic that was a SPN/SG1 xover, and my muse decided "hey! let's remix it from SG1's POV!" and so i did.... posted with oneiriad's permission... also, check out out her original fic, along with the original prompt, which can be found here.... also i warn you now, the story is gen, and a little cracky, but there are three slash pairings mentioned

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The Supernatural Chronicles

Character Bios for current Players.
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background story, part 1


Sarah heard the first shot followed by a crash but steadfastedly refused to be distracted. The thing was weak, but it had home field advantage and she was relying on a wounded unknown. The quicker she got the thing contained, the better. Sarah stepped back and checked her handy work, and just in time too, as she heard a second shot and hiss. She turned around and saw the demon tackle the guy. "Hey fugly!" she yelled trying to get the demon's attention. "Didn't realise the circus let their midgets attack giants"

The demon fumed and threw away the guy like he weighed nothing. "You bitch!" it screeched as it charged toward her. Sarah took a few quick steps back, stopping on the other side of the devil's trap. The idiot rushed her without looking, only to slam into the invisible barrier in front of her face. she was standing so close, she could see the the spittle flying from it's snarling mouth. Luckily, the devil's trap kept it from making contact with her.

Sarah brought up her hand and poked the meat suit's forhead as she said a quick benediction. The demon screamed and retreated to he center of the trap, knowing she wouldn't dare cross the barrier any further. "Where's McCready?" she asked once the demon settled.

"Who?" the demon asked, false innocence dripping from his mouth like venom.

"Sleazeball Hunter," Sarah replied with a shrug. "Don't rightly care what you did with him. Was gonna kill him myself if I'd found his sorry ass, but I'm just interested in his gear. Last reports said he came through here. So where is he?"

The demon laughed. "Sweetheart, this town is full of more demons than fish in a barrel. Any one of them coulda taken him out. Hickory Flat is ours, pity to all who cross its borders. Can't wait to watch them tear you to shreds."

Shit! I knew th town was a little too quiet! Sarah glared at the demon. "Ain't gonna happen bub," she said as she pulled out a silver pentacle from under her tank. Grasping it tight she mumbled a quick pagan blessing. The demon screamed as it was burned to ashes. Sarah turned to the other guy. "Cristo," she said, but when he didn't so much as flinch, she turned away. "Better be going. They'll be coming to investigate." quickly, Sarah began grabbing her gear, repacking her kit. she saved the sawed-off for last.


He managed to deflect with his forearm the first punch the demon threw, but couldn’t do so with the tackle the demon then tried… At least he couldn’t unless he let go of the shotgun, something he wasn’t ready to do in the middle of a fight with a creature from Hell. Aaden managed to break his fall by whipping swiftly the ground with his free arm as they teach at the Academy, yet the strength and weight of the demon still made the impact of his body on the floor painful.
The demon was fast in top of him, grabbing the front of his leather coat, but before it could do anything, a call coming from behind distracted the possessed man. First thing the Shifter knew he was feeling an invisible force lift him from the ground again and was tossed hard across half the room; the rolls he made to avoid crashing to the floor only half successful at such speed, the sawn off weapon bruising his shoulder as he nearly landed right on top of it.
He probably would have to shred deep layers of skin and replace those to get rid of the damaged blood vessels and contusions fast, though he doubted it would work as well for the few muscles he bruised as well.

Well, that was for wrestling hand to hand a demon for the first time, Connor thought, his male ego hurt as he stood as fast as he could, ready for defending himself the best he could. He felt his adrenalin spike with dread as he took in the demon awfully close to the woman. However, it seemed like things went better than he expected as he realized the thing was trapped and couldn’t hurt the human at all from where it stood spell bounded.

The former cop walked to stand a few feet behind the mysterious woman, shotgun pointed at the demon, but was surprised to hear a familiar name mentioned and the corrupted hunter discussed about. So McCready did make a habit of stealing weapons from other hunters after all? At least he was in town, thought Aaden… On the other hand, what the demon revealed then was enough to erase the smirk that started to form on the Shifter’s lips.

A town full of demons?! He once had to clean up a whole ranch invaded by ghouls, but he had no idea hellish creatures were the kind to take a whole town, nor that they had motives to do so. He should have asked their captive why, how would such thing benefice them, but the woman quickly slay the beast before he could formulate one question. Still wary from the news, he ignored the woman’s anti-demon tricks –though hoped she wouldn’t test further for hints he wasn’t human- and handed her back the shotgun as she was packing, waiting for her to finally put the weapon back in her bag to comment:

“Thanks for having my back: I’m not hunting such games usually… And I guess the thing wasn’t bluffing about having friends in town…

He sight with as they exited the building through the mess the short fight created, already resigned to the fact things tend to always get worst when they have the chance to.
He silently approved the woman taste in cars as he noticed the Mustang that wasn’t here when he parked in the first place, and then stopped on his track as she stepped forward to her vehicle in order to put away her hunting gears.

What next: was she going to go after the whole town or was she planning on leaving? Unless she was to only go and look for McCready by herself and evacuate or go get reinforcement before the demons find her?

Reinforcement was a good idea, or at least he couldn’t just leave and let a city crawling with devilish beings be so any innocent would fall in this trap and die. Aaden took out his cell phone –luckily not destroyed during the fight- and tried the number of a hunter “handler” he knew in Kentucky, his mind on warning as many as he could about Hickory Flat.
Except that didn’t work out:

”No signal!” He exclaimed, frowning at the screen of his phone. He put the thing back in a pocket of his coat and threw a scrutinizing look at the anonymous woman as he said humorless: “This is not good, and I doubt that’s because there is no coverage around here… You’re not thinking about sending me distract our friendly little community while you’d be circling the whole town with a giant sized devil trap, aren’t you?”


Sarah snorted in reply. "Hell naw! That'd be suicide for us both." She pulled out her own phone and checked the signal. "Damn demons," she muttered under her breath and she rounded her car. Rufus had given her a sat phone last time she ran into him. when she questioned where he got it, he had just shrugged and warned her she'd need it. Sarah had stowed without further comment. Now she was glad for Rufus' omniscience, even if he had kept her out of the loop of why she'd need it. She quickly opened her trunk and the false bottom while doing a mental inventory of her kit. She grabbed a box full of salt rounds, a gallon of holy water, and the much needed sat phone. "I'm gonna try to phone a friend of mine. If I can't get through, we run and regroup elsewhere." At the look of confusion on her new partner's face, she held up the sat phone for him to see. "They may have blocked the cell towers, but this is a little harder to jam."

Sarah took a few steps away, and the other guy rounded his truck to give some privacy. It took a few rings, but Rufus finally picked up. The conversation was short, Sarah explaining what happened here and Rufus reading her in on the apocalypse. "Get outta there girl! Promise me!"

"I promise," she replied, rounding back to the driver's side. The call cut out and Sarah glared at the phone in her hand. "Talk to you later," she snarked at the now dead device. Then she turned to her new companion. "Okay, here's the plan, we run."

"That's not much of a plan," the guy returned.

"Only plan we got," Sarah shot back. "Nearest reenforcements are about a day away, if they can get away. There are demons everywhere and we don't have the equipment to pull off a Hendrickson unless you're hiding a boss stereo system and about three dozen speakers in that truck of yours."

"What's going on to increase to demonic activity?" the guy asked, latching onto that particular comment.

"The end of the world," Sarah replied nonchalantly. "Thanks for the assist. Good luck getting out of town."

"It is I who should thank you," the guy replied. "By the way, what's your name? I should atleast know what my savior calls herself."

Sarah blinked at the guy. His speech pattern was a bit odd for a mocern hunter, but then hunters came from all sorts of ilk. "Sarah Novak. See ya around kid!"

"Wait Ms. Novak! Shouldn't we stick together while in enemy territory?" the guy asked.

"One, it's Sarah. Two, only if you're willing to abondon the truck, cause I ain't gonna leave my baby here and riding convoy's gonna bring a lot of attention."

The guy shrugged. "It's a rental. My car's in the shop."

Sarah shrugged. "Shoulda taken it to Singer. He would've gotten you back on the road in no time. Grab your gear, you can navigate." The guy nodded and grabbed the few essentials from the bed of the truck. "By the way, you got a name?"

"Oh! Pardon my manners. The name's Aiden Connor."

Sarah nodded. "Throw yer kit in the back Connor and hold on." She revved the engine and gunned down the street.


The end of the world? Aaden mentally scoffed at the thought as the vehicle sped on what appeared to be the main street of the little town, his throbbing back held straight in a guarded posture and his pale eyes studying carefully the road and landscape all around them. He knew there was something, some magic order on Earth: he was one of those supernatural beings after all. But he also encountered creatures that were not even mentioned once in the Bible and yet roamed the land during its darkness nights, endlessly multiplying their body count. He highly doubted that this book or any sacred text held alone the truth of their mysterious universe, so the whole Judgment Day story was only a very ancient fairy tale to the Shifter. That meant he had doubts as well on the reliability of the woman’s source.

-This contact of yours; is there any chances I’ve encountered him before?” The man suddenly asked on a neutral tone, his face turned to the road but his eyes trained on Novak.

She frowned and threw him a long stare, probably trying to read him and find out where he was going with that.

- How should I know that?” She answered carefully.

He let out a short snicker holding no belligerence:

” Sorry, ‘only wanted to inquire about his name…”

-Then why didn’t you say so right away?” she commented straightforwardly, paused, then answered: ”He goes by Rufus.”

Connor quickly surveyed his memories and the few vaguely coherent scraps he managed to gather from other hunters’ mind when he took their appearance, but the name didn’t ring a bell.

-Well I guess I should try to meet him sometimes since we haven’t yet…" He concluded, unconsciously feeling his bruised shoulder to see if it was still sensitive.

Maybe he knew nothing about this man, but he was still resolved into rejecting the theory of something like the apocalypse as long as he didn’t hold more proves than that.

Although something drawn his attention to a point further away on the road: behind a swift turn bordered with an old forest patch, what seemed to be a dark cloud of smoke began to form. It didn’t look like that thick and heavy smoke possessed bodies ejected when the demon in them evacuate: it looked more like it was caused by a fire, probably a chemical one telling by how toxic the fumes looked.

”Hold on there… The demons just set a blockade ahead, if that’s not actually an ambush…" He reflected on a low tone –although Sarah quite probably noticed the smoke as well before he said so since she was already slowing down- with a worried crease marking his ordinarily smooth forehead. ”I don’t see any movements, but that doesn’t mean there is no one hiding around, especially since they took position in a blind spot right behind the curve. They probably blocked the road with something, a car maybe, and then set it on fire to keep us from removing whatever it is… Was that road the only short way to the highway?” He reflected and asked, turning in his seat as much as his painful back would allow him to inspect their surroundings.

He hoped not, or else they would be forced to drive through even more hazardous roads webbing the national park and its dense vegetation, forced to take whatever way suited the most their bloodthirsty enemies. On the other hand, they could just scout the source of the smoke, but Aaden wouldn’t bet it was nothing truly dangerous for them. But then again, if it was truly the demons’ doing, did they know there were hunters in town or was this only a trick to keep human citizen from escaping? If the monsters already found the one Novak killed and spread the news, not only were they hella fast, but that meant there was even more heat than he thought on the two hunters


Sarah stared at the column of smoke and frowned. "Damn it all to hell back!" she cursed violently under her breath. Aiden shot a startled glance in her direction before continuing his survey of the landscape. "Looks like we're gonna hafta go back for you truck. no way my baby'll be able to make it outta here on those rougher roads. She good and sturdy, but she ain't no off-road vehicle," Sarah said, patting the dash apologetically.

Aiden watched the gesture with amusement. "What is it with hunters and their cars?"

"You're kidding right?" Sarah rebutted as she turned the car around. Aiden didn't answer. He hadn't realised he'd spoken the question out loud. Sarah shook her head and glanced at him. "You must not have been doing this very long," she sighed. "Sometimes, your car is the only home and only family you have, or rather, have left. This isn't just a vehicle i use to get from point A to point B, it's an extension of myself, just like any given weapon hiding in my trunk. Plus, she was gift when I decided to venture out on my own as a hunter. There's a lot of sentimental value attached to this car, and I'd rather not abandon her in demon country."

"Then we won't," Aiden stated with confindence. "What's the plan?"

"We need a way out," Sarah stated plainly. She parked the 'Stang in the middle of the road and popped the trunk. "There's an atlas in the glove box. Grab it," she ordered as she scrambled out the car. Aiden watched her with curiosity while he got out the atlas. Sarah rounded the car and pulled a large bag of rock salt out of the trunk. Pulling a dagger from her boot, she slashed the bag and ran a quick but careful circle around the car. Aiden, realising what she was doing, twisted in his seat and pulled out his GPS from his gear in the back seat before joining her by the trunk. Sarah took one look at the device and snorted. "Unless that's a military grade sat-nav, that ain't gonna do us a lick of good."

Aiden shrugged. "Couldn't hurt to try." He spread out the atlas and watched avidly as Sarah thumbed through to a map of Missouri.

"We're on Spruce. Obviously they've blocked the route to I-22. Our best bet is to go east and around to the 178. Hopefully they haven't set up a block there," Sarah said, tracing the route with her finger. "Do you know any protective sigils?"

"A few but not many," Aiden replied. He hadn't really had a use to learn them.

Sarah tossed him a small journal he hadn't realised she was holding. "My niece drew those out for me. I have it on good authority they'll repel just about the strongest of demons. I've got most of them memorised." She pulled out two pieces of chalk and handed one to Aiden. "I'll go right, you go left, meet ya at the hood. Oh, and Connor? Scratch the paint and I'll kill you."


Again with the car. He understood how useful a vehicle could be and he did attached a great importance to his own ride about 7 years ago, when he started doing what he was doing. It was a fine ‘Cuda 71, a road monster that roared and devoured the streets, giving him a feeling of ultimate freedom and power… but the Plymouth got smashed and set on fire by the avenging brother of a hunter he had arrested, a man that manipulate the female victims he saved from creatures into having intercourses with him to thank him, no matter if the women were minors or not.
With a car and half of his equipment beyond repair, he quickly learnt that he couldn’t get too attached to any possessions of any kind if he kept on playing vigilante. His second ride was nearly as precious, but he knew it could be over with it just as fast. So his only family and home now were his bank account and all his licenses and papers he had registered under the name he stole long ago.

With a slight smirk on his face, the Shifter let go on the ground his sport bag containing his equipments and put away his GPS into his coat and used the chalk to carefully replicate the symbols the journal held, finishing up a few seconds after Novak. He knew somehow she wasn’t too happy with his relative amateurism in the matter, but couldn’t really explain himself and tell her that his genuine hunts were mostly accidental, when no hunter was around to solve monster attacks, when a case needed reinforcement badly, or when he was asked to help as he was undercover as a fellow hunter.

”Let’s hope High school Art Classes pay off.” He commented while handing the chalk and book back to Novak. ”You need help with that, miss?”He offered, pointing her bags of weapons and various articles that laid there.

She scoffed and grabbed her gears by herself.

-I’m fine.”

-Are you sure?”

-Y’need help for yours?” She mocked.

Aaden let out a short chuckle but didn’t insist; he turned around to grab his own sport bag and leaded the way to his rented truck. It was an older generation of Ram, when the pick-up trucks were all smaller than those of the last 10 years. At least the vehicle did its job while his own car was being fixed, and it was most likely to go unnoticed in a rural place where nearly everyone owns this kind of truck. He unlocked the doors to the backseats –it was a model with an extended cabin- so they could put their gears there instead of in the too exposed box, opened the passenger seat, and then climbed to the driver seat.

Once they were set, his window scrolled down in an attempt to cool a little bit the compartment, he started the vehicle and exited the parking lot, heading east on Spruce avenue, hurrying up without speeding in a way that would attract too much attention. They were rolling for about a thousand feet when Sarah noted, her eyes on the map she brought:

-You just keep on ‘till it change into Crum street after a left turn: we can’t risk taking all those li’l roads that crisscross the town…”

- And how is the way ahead, any chance someone could barricade it or pull out another arson trick like they did earlier?”

- There’s a hot spot not too far from the curve…” she studied the geographic aspect of the map a little bit more then concluded: ”But then there are many opening to some fields and a parking lot: if anything comes in our way, we just have to circle it off-road, or even cut through the open”

Aaden nodded, memories of parts of the map he studied earlier coming to his mind. On the side of the avenue, an old afro-American lady stepped out of her entrance porch and looked their way: the eye contact between her and the driver was short, but the former cop had time to see the pitch black demon eyes she sported.

”Something tells me getting out of here won’t be that easy… And once we are away from this ill-fated town, where are we heading?” He asked while watching demon in the body of an old woman through his mirror.

Once she was out of sight, he sped up a little bit, hoping she wasn’t informing on them to her fellow demons.


"Suoix Falls, South Dakota," Sarah replied, keeping a careful watch of their surroundings. "Singer's the only one with the mojo to get my car." [b]And he knows about everything going on,[b] she mentally added.

"That's twice now you've mentioned this Singer," Aiden commented. "Who is he?"

Sarah's head whipped around so fast Aiden winced in sympathy. She'd be feeling that for a while. "You're joking, right?" When Aiden didn't answer, she grabbed his wrist. "Stop the car."

"We don't really have that kind of luxury," Aiden said calmly, checking the rear view.

Sarah squeezed harder, her grip like iron. "I said stop. the. car." she ordered, steel in her voice. Aiden winced at the grip and complied. When the car came to a full stop, Sarah let go of his wrist pulled out a switch blade. "How long have you been hunting?"

"Seven years," Aiden answered evenly, keeping his eyes on their surroundings but also watching her in his peripheral.

"And you've never heard of Bobby Singer?" Aiden raced through the snatches of memory he aquired and realised that Bobby Singer was known by all the hunters. The silence stretched and Sarsh took that as his answer. "No hunter worth his salt survives seven years without at least having heard of Bobby Singer. Most have met him, and everyone who hasn't, has a friend who has. Now tell me the truth. How long have you been hunting."

"I did tell you the truth. I have been hunting for seven years." Aiden looked straight into Sarah's eyes, willing her to believe. Her gaze was cold as ice. Sarah clenched her jaw and opened the switch blade. Aiden looked back to their surroundings. "Look," he began. "I'm a private eye. Hunting is not my day job. I stumbled on a hunt seven years ago, and ever since then I help out whenever its needed, but I'm not like you. I don't do this for a living. I've never heard of Bobby Singer because I've always been accidental back-up."

"And how did you end up in Hickory Flat?" Sarah asked, her voice slightly warmer.

"I was following a trail on McCready," Aiden replied. "I stumbled on the aftermath of some of his hunts, and well... they weren't pretty. I used to be a cop, and I was hoping to catch him in the act, get him arrested. The guy's more sociopath than hunter, doesn't care about innocents that get in his way, doesn't care about the victims."

"And doesn't care about his fellow hunters," Sarah finished. "So you just keep on accidentally stumble onto hunts, huh?" Her voice held a trace of scepticism, but the suspision almost gone.

Aiden shrugged. "Just lucky I guess."

Lioghtning fast, she grabbed his wrist and knicked his arm. When nothing happened, she flipped the switch blade and flicked open a second blade. This one gleamed dully with flecks of silver. Aiden tensed but didn't pull away. Sarah noticed and lightly placed the blade on his skin. Aiden tried not to react, but couldn't help it. Her grip intensified, and he could feel it bruise the bone. "What are you?" she asked a tone that implied 'don't lie to me'.

"Shifter," Aiden gasped through clenched teeth. He not sure why he feels compelled to tell this girl the truth, why he wants to fight with her and not against her. "What are you?" he counters back.

Just as suddenly, her grip is gone and switch blade is stored. "Drive," she orders, and Aiden complies.


Aaden was clutching the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were turning white, pain from his squeezed forearm but also the burning sensation on his skin from the silver blade adding to the tension in his body. What the hell just happened?!
He told the truth, first of all. He never does, usually, or at least he never did tell the whole thing. Investigating on fellow hunters was already enough to get him into trouble with some, so he couldn’t imagine how in danger his life would be by admitting he was a Shapeshifter.

But he was still alive, and wasn’t being questioned with a knife pointed at his throat. And all that was due to the simple question he threw back to Novak: what was she? Was she really “something else” or did the question only startled something in her mind that distracted her from the fact she was fighting alongside with a monster?

He wanted to know, but was afraid this would only lead her to inquire more about him and who he really was, or that it will lead her to do more than simply grab his wrist, so Aaden instead kept quiet and kept his eyes on the road.

The turn past which the avenue became a street came into sight; it was about time since, to the West, the sun was slowly coming down toward the tree line, meaning soon it was going to be dark. Although, a sudden siren sounded for a short time behind them, as if a vehicle was honking to get their attention. Aaden glanced through the rear view mirror and noticed a police car turning from a small dirt road and following them with its emergency lights flashing.

”Don’t cha dare pulling over…” Sarah growled threateningly.

”I wasn’t planning to either. He answered between clenched teeth, knowing as well as her that this was probably a demon trick.

He accelerated a bit more and the police car kept in view. However, the demon inhabiting the officer probably realized he wasn’t fooling anyone as the pick-up truck wouldn’t stop. The police car stopped its flashers and sped up abruptly, and before Aaden could do so as well, the rear window flew into pieces as gunshots were heard.
The Shifter’s protective recoil caused their ride to sway, but he was able to take back the control and keep them from leaving the road. He threw a look at Novak when he heard her curse, but she appeared to sport only shallow cuts from the broken glass.

Another window was broken by gunshots, this time on the back, driver side as the demon was trying to catch up on them by the left.

”I’ll go get our guns!” Sarah said over the sound of the engines –louder since there were fewer windows to block the noise.

She was already unfastening her seatbelt and slipping in the backseats of the truck.

”Wait! Sawn-off are close range only; they’re useless from here! You’ll only get shot!” The Shifter scolded in vain.

”Then make sure I’m close enough!” She threw back, putting her hands on flasks of holy water and her shotgun.


Aiden cursed and swerved the pick-up closer to the sheriff's cruiser. "Slow down a bit and pull even," Sarah yelled from the back bench. She got off two shots before having to reload. The demon took the opportunity to swerve out of range. Sarah cursed and grabbed her extra duffel.

Aiden glanced back at her in the rearview. "What are you looking for?"

"I know a grabbed a few from my baby. Where the hell are they?" Sarah replied, almost too low for Aiden to hear. She cursed and dumped the contents, mostly her clothes, on the floor of the cab. "Just keep driving Connor!" she ordered as she rooted around the detritus now littering the floor. Her hand closed over a spherical object and Sarah jerked back in triumph. "Get me close enough to see the blacks of his eyes, and when I say, hit the pedal."

With a quick glance, Aiden saw what she held. It looked like a grenade but smaller. "Please tell me that isn't what i think it is!"

Sarah grinned wickedly. "Mini phospho grenade with a holy water core. That black-eyed bastard's gonna wish he never left the pit."

"You're crazy!" Aiden exclaimed, even as he slowed down and pulled even with the demon again. The demon, anticipating more salt rounds, kept out of shot-gun range. Sarah grabbed a flare gun from her kit and loaded the grenade. the flare gun had a slightly longer range than the shotgun, and Sarah was able to shoot the demon straight in the chest. the deomn simply looked at the round as it pinged him in the chest.

"Now!" Sarah yelled, and Aiden gunned it. In the rearview, he could see the demon go up in white hot flames. Sarah climbed back into the front of the cab with the shotgun, flare gun, and plenty of shells for both.

"Where the hell did you get the mini grenades?" Connor asked.

"I was a chem geek in high school. A couple fo private universities got short changed, but it was worth it to modify the flare cartridges." Sarah surveyed the road ahead. "We have another mile before we hit the 178. I doubt that's the last trouble we're gonna hit."

"Agreed," Aiden replied. He took a quick glance at Sarah and saw blood. "Are you alright?"

Sarah flinched. "Nothing a little neosporin and a few bandages won't cure," she replied. "Anyways, it can wait 'til after we're out of here. How about you. You've got a few knicks and bruises yourself."

"I'll shed when we're safe," Aiden replied with a shrug.

"What, like a snake?"

"Yes," Aiden nodded. "It will heal the superficial bruising and any lacerations, but the deep tissue bruising will have to heal on its own."

"Nifty," Sarah drolled. "That must come in handy."

"It has its uses," he agreed.


She wasn’t freaked out or repulsed by the idea of someone shredding his skin in such fashion, and that was a good surprise to Aaden. In a way, being a Shifter had its uses for the kind of work he was doing, even if changing appearance needed much preparation if one wanted to fool perfectly other people.

Connor glanced into the wing-mirrors at the stopped sheriff vehicle: the thick white smoke of the phosphorus was mixing with a darker one caused by the fire that was now raging in the car left behind. The P.I. truly hoped the demon’s vessel died instantly: those weapons were quite nasty… To be honest he would rather kill no one, not without trying to exorcise them first, but right now they were two hunters in danger so they couldn’t waste too much time on the matter.

”If they weren’t already all aware of our presence…”Sarah commented, hinting at the not so subtle smoke column rising.

”They surely already knows: they don’t use smoke signals anymore…” He half-joked back.

But the roar of an engine quickly alerted him and, a few seconds later, a red and rusty shape hurled toward his vehicle from the left. It was the front of an old truck judging by the size, but Aaden didn’t have more time to think and had to avoid a frontal collision. He abruptly turned the steering wheel to the side and made his rental truck take a sharp turn to the right, out of the road and toward the tree line.

”What the hell are you doing!!? Sarah exclaimed, her eyes wide open as she thought for a second Connor was going to simply drive into the trees to avoid a car.

But Aaden didn’t intend to end it this way and didn’t take the time to answer. There was just no time to talk anyway; it was only a matter of reflexes. He turned the wheel just as much and nearly as hurriedly as he did in the first place, but this time to the left to avoid crashing.

Yet the driver of the rusty truck obviously didn’t want the hunter to get back on the way and flee: what was probably a demon realigned his vehicle for the impact.
Just as Aaden drove the front tires of his rental back on the road, a loud crash was heard as something collide with the left side of the back of the truck. The impact, sudden turn and the high speed of the whole chase made the rental car skid in a loud tire screech to a 90 degree turn; before the momentum sent the vehicle barrel rolling.

The hunters’ vehicle made a complete roll and a half across the narrow road, stopping on its nearly all crushed roof on the left side of the left lane. The demon in the rusty red truck stopped its engine and everything went still for a few long minutes.

The demon grinned to himself, his black eyes lit up with expectation: his preys were not dead from the crash, but simply knocked unconscious and sustaining few injuries not deadly on the immediate. So there were two hunters dangling lifelessly in the up side down truck, held in place by their seatbelts; two hunters completely defenseless against him.
The demon smiled again: he already knew of a place where he could lock those two down. This was going to be a lot of fun so he thought to himself...


Sarah groaned as she heard insesant knocking around her. She groaned again, this time half in defeat, when she realised the knocking was inside her head. She shook her head to clear the ringing in her ears and tried to listen. all she heard was unconscious deep breathing of someone else. Carefully, she cracked open her eyes. When there was no blinding pain from too bright lights, she opened them fully and surveyed her surroundings. She was in a dark, dank room, most likely a basement. She was laying as comfortably as possible on the stone floor, but her wrists were encased in manacles and she was chained to a wall. There was enough slack in the chains for her hands to rest comfortably by her side.

In the center of the room was an unconscious man tied to a chair. The chair was metal, and it looked like the bondings were silver. Interesting. There were runes drawn all around the chair. It took Sarah a moment to recognise them for the binding spell they were. Again, interesting. Why would someone use silver chains and a binding spell to contain something? And then it all came rushing back with sweet clarity. The hunt for McCready, the demons she encountered instead, and mostly importantly, Aiden... "Conner!" she yelled out hoping to wake the Shifter. The Shifter groaned and tensed. then he let out a hiss as the chains moved. "You okay?" she asked, once she saw the Shifter was indeed aware of their surroundings.

"The chains... are silver..." he hissed through the pain.

"Yeah," Sarah sighed. "Thought as much. I've got mobility, and they managed to miss my spare picks when they stripped my weapons. But you're stuck in an all purpose binding circle, and I don't have the necesarry equipment to free you."

"Leave... me..." Conner gritted out.

"Nu-uh," Sarah sing-songed. "I don't leave people behind."

Conner threw his head back, eyes closed, and took a few steadying breaths. When he spoke again, his voice wasn't so pain-filled. "Why? I'm not 'people'."

"I saved your life, you saved mine," Sarah replied nonchalantly. "We may've met by chance, but we're in this together. That makes us partners. I don't abandon my partners 'til a job's done." Sarah met startling silver eyes as Aiden just stared at her. She turned away first. "As for not being 'people,' as you put it, you haven't tried to kill me yet. Don't think you will, at least not until we're out of demon central, if at all."

"Not many hunters trust monsters," Conner pointed out softly. With the way he was reclined, one would almost think he was relaxed if not for the even deep breaths Sarah recognised as way to regulate the pain.

"Not many monsters try to save a hunter's life," Sarah rebutted just as softly. She saw Aiden's mouth twist into a small smile before his brow furrowed into pain lines. "Easy Connor!" Sarah softly commanded. She adopted medatative deep breathing exercises. "Breathe with me kid." She took slow, methodical, deep breaths, holding the air for a five count before slowly releasing it in a long hiss. It took a moment for Aiden to synchronise, but Sarah could see his brow smooth out as the exorcises took effect. "That's it Connor, keep brething with me."


background can be found here this is the actual RP pregression b/t me and Mac....

It was raining. Not a small drizzle or a comfortable shower, but a full out, hurricane induced thunderstorm. Sarah hated the cliches and everything about this hunt was turning into one big cliche. Thunder boomed and rocked the house as the lights above flickered. Sarah froze and carefully exhaled. There was no drop in temperature. She has no idea what possessed her to take this hunt the first place other than little Haylie McKern sang to her heart. Savannah was not the best place to hunt. It was not termed America's most huanted city for nothing. Granted most of the ghosts were only powerless echos and had been around for so long, they weren't worth the effort. Besides, if any hunter worth their salt tried to purify Savannah, they'd have to burn down half the city. Little Haylie was the newest addition in a town full of ghosts. But unlike her neighbors, she was neither powerless nor an echo. Sarah was half tempted to let little Haylie carry on. Anyone sick enough to abduct a little girl, beat her, rape her, and then kill her deserved what they got, but Haylie had started going after innocent men, and that she couldn't let slide. Not that Haylie's body had ever been found, but all the victims had been found beatened and castrated, which led to some obvious conclusions. Who knew a eight year old girl could be so malicious?

The floor boards creaked as she silently swept the house. It was an old Victorian manson that had survived Sherman's march to Sea. The house wasn't overly large, but had a number of narrow servant passages holding echos of the slaves who once used them. Sarah had done a methodolical sweep, starting with the attic and finding a completely different little girl to the one she had been looking for. Sarah knew next to nothing about the girl in the attic, but it was clear she hadn't been disturbed in a long time. Sarah had did a quick visual sweep before slowly backing out and leaving the little girl to play with her dollhouse. It took her a while to sweep every passage and room on every floor, but Sarah prided herself in being thorough. Now she stood in the kitchen pantry above an underground storm celler. There was another door in the front of the house that hid a flight of stair down into an unfinished basement, but all the attcks happened in or around the pantry so Sarah decided to check here first. Regardless of what she found, Sarah would sweep the basement too, just for forms sake. Sarah hitched her bag of tricks more securely over her shoulder and holstered both sawed-off shotgun and torch to get better leverage on the heavy wooden trap door. A rickety old ladder led down into darkened depths. Sarah spared a quick sweep for a light of some sort, but quickly pulled out her torch again. She shined the beam into the murky shadows and saw that the drop wasn't too bad. She'd rather not try the ladder if she could help it. Sarah swung her bag around and pulled out a length of nylon climber's rope and quickly secured one end to a rack of metal shelves that stood against the wall. Then she dropped the rest of the rope down the hatch before securing her bag and following it down, torch at the ready. A quick sweep of the small room revealed nothing. A second, more thorough sweep showed signs of freshly turned earth. It had been two months since little Haylie's disappearance, but the grave had been undisturbed in that little time.

Sarah's torchlight flickered and she exhaled into a suddenly cold room. "Haylie?" Sarah asked, her husky voice calm and soft. "It's alright sweetheart. I'm here to take you home." The image of a little girl, bloody and bruised, flickered in front of her. Sarah sucked in a noisy breath. "Oh sweetheart." Her heart sang to the little girl. The celler grew even colder as Sarah tried to step closer. She quickly retreated. "It's alright sweetheart. The bad man is gone." Haylie flickered at the word "sweetheart" and Sarah quickly put two and two together. "I'm sorry honey. I didn't mean to sound like the bad man." The room grew slightly warmer. Sarah tried to approach Haylie again, this time with success. She knelt down in front of the little girl. "Are you ready to go home?" Haylie nodded and Sarah pulled out a collapsable shovel from her bag. She cautiosly began to dig, but Haylie didn't try to stop her. Halleliuya for small mercies. She doubt if she were a man, Haylie would be so cooperative. It didn't take her long to uncover Haylie's remains. The bastard had dug a shallow grave. Sarah collapsed her shovel and traded it in the depths of her bag for salt. Haylie watched sollumly from the corner as Sarah first salted her remains then repeated the process with lighter fluid. Sarah pulled out her lighter, an old beat up zeppo she had bummed off Rufus before they had parted ways. That was when Haylie decided to fight back. Sarah cursed as understanding dawned on the little girl. "C'mon Haylie, honey, I'm gonna take you home," she tried to reason, but Haylie wouldn't hear it. Haylie pinned her back. It could have been more forceful, but so far the girl was being gentle. No doubt still confused why the nice lady would try to hurt her. It was Sarah's saving grace. She flicked the zeppo on and tossed it toward Haylie's body. Sarah had been liberal with the lighter fluid, experience telling her to spill a good bit around the body as well as on it. Sarah slumped to the ground as Haylie burned away. "Sorry baby. Be in peace now," she whispered as she watched the fire burn itself out. Sarah pulled out her shovel again and raked through the ashes. Once she was satisfied there was nothing left, she climbed the rope back to the ground floor and closed the celler door. Sarah took a moment to compose herself before snapping back into her hunter mindframe. She hated cases involving children, but they couldn't be helped. She still had a basement to sweep, but once she was done, she planned to crawl into her '82 Ford Mustang and hightail it out of there. the sooner she could put Savannah in her rear-view, the better.


« So, what does that tell you? »

Aaden threw a quick glance at the scrawny man who spoke, then put his attention back on the room in the middle of which they were both standing. The old living room was dimly lit by the beam of their flashlights, yet the chaos was clearly visible: furniture toppled over, broken glass shards and papers scattered around, various objects broken on the floor, shredded curtains, a few dents in the plaster of the walls… Plus empty cartridges, blood splatters on numerous surfaces and markers indicating where, hours ago the owner of the house found a decapitated body.
Somebody killed a vampire in here before it could attack the family living in this old and small Victorian house. But, unlike what he first thought while taking a look at the mangled body at the morgue, the creature wasn’t the only one who suffered during the fight: the hunter took quite a beating before he could slay the blood sucker. So the man Aaden was investigating on was not a sadistic hunter; he was only either inexperienced or very unlucky.

-Quite a lot…” the Shifter sighed, his trained eyes still on the crime scene that spoke or a hell of a fight.

- You’re not planning on telling me either, uh?”

- Nope”

- Heh! Like a magician; you just don’t reveal your little secrets!”

The former policeman ignored the scrawny man’s last comment. The guy was maybe a good contact for hunters passing through the county, but it didn’t mean he wasn’t annoying when he was looking for gossips to spread.

- You know who was hunting in town?” Aaden asked, frowning

- Nah, sorry; I got no name, no nothing… probably an amateur…” the man huffed loudly”You’ still looking for whoever stole your silver stake?”

The Shapeshifter immediately remembered the lie he uses to tell people whenever they start wondering why a hunter would investigate on a fellow hunter. The truth would only cause him troubles anyway.

-Yeah, I still haven’t found him… but I’ll get him eventually.” Aaden answered vaguely, took a deep breath then spoke again while pointing at a bloodied couch before them: ”The nameless Vampire Killer, I hope for him he went straight to the hospital once he was done cutting head here: the damn thing probably hit an arteries, telling by the splatters.”

The smaller man raised an eyebrow, a little surprised and impressed:

- Oh, wow!... I’ll make sure one of us will look for him… So you really are a P.I.?”

-That’s what my license says”

- You have the office and all?”

–I don’t stay in one place long enough… You have any lead for me?” Aaden asked, taking out of a pocket of his leather coat a few twenty dollar bills, holding the money up between two fingers so the informant would take them.

The smaller man greedily pocketed the payment before answering with a shrug:

- McCready, you know the S.O.B. who stole a hunt from the old Kenneth and ended up killing a girl?”

–Yeah?”Aaden answered grimly, knowing right away he’d have a field day listing the hunter’s other reckless acts. Some of those being crimes the Shifter intended to make sure he will do time in federal jail for.

- Well last week he got in a fight with some huge Amazone-like huntress, the word is he robbed her weapon cache and took pretty valuable stuff. If you are looking for a bastard and a robber, you might want to ask him a few questions. ”

–Any word where he might be now?”

-It’s a few hours away, westward… I don’t have the exact location right now, but you just take the highway and I’ll text them to you the moment I’m home.”

–I’d appreciate that.”

Aaden nodded politely, already turning his back to the other man and making his way toward the door.

-Hey, you know: if you’re looking for a job, mister private eye, there’s this chick I really need to….”

–There’s a restraining order against you, I’m not spying on her on your behalf.” Aaden sardonically interrupted the human

-What?! No no no, it’s not what you think!”

The smaller man protested, but in vain since the Shifter was already at the door and not listening anymore. After all, he did had a long road ahead, but mostly the hard task of getting a corrupted hunter arrested before he could hurt more people


Sarah checked her rear-view as she took the I-64 turn-off just outside of Lexington. It'd be another five and half hours before she hit St. Louis, and then another half hour South to Waterloo. She'd heard wind of that creeper McCready circling that area. Without an active hunt, Sarah finally had the time to beat that bastard for grabbing her kit and leaving her high and dry in the middle of a hunt. Not that she had been left completely defenseless. Rufus had taught her early on not to rely on any extra ammo she brought. Most things would be able to separate her from her kit before she'd be able to open it, let alone grab anything inside. Sarah would've written the whole thing off, except there had been a dagger of some sentimental value in that particular bag she wanted back. Plus McCready's desertion had almost cost her her life. As it was, Sarah now had one hell of a wicked scar bisecting from her left shoulder, wrapping around her back, and ending just above her right hip. The damn deamon knew how to use a whip, and Sarah would wear the proof of that the rest of her life.

She'd found out from a mutual acquaintance that McCready was just outside of Lexington, but by the time she had gotten into town, he'd already passed through. Finding out where he was heading next had been difficult but not impossible. But the bastard still had a two day start. The rumour had been that he was heading west toward St. Louis, but after that shifter debacle with the Winchesters a few years back, St. Louis had become a dead zone for hunts. It seemed like anywhere the Winchesters went, the monsters fled. Sarah mussed on that thought a bit before shaking her head and concentrating back on McCready. If she could get a solid bead on the Waterloo angle, she could easily cut that last half hour by bypassing St. Louis completely. Her phone beeped and Sarah rooted around the detritus littering her passenger seat for the damn thing. She flipped the damn thing open and glanced at the screen. McCready spotted in Blytheville, heading toward Memphis. Sarah pulled over and pulled out the large road map she carried in her glove box. She was just outside Shelbyville. Another twenty miles and she could cut south on the I-65 into Nashville and then the I-40 to Memphis. She'd be able to make the trip in six hours if the roads stayed clear. Once she got to Memphis, it wouldn't be hard to find where the hunt was. And there was no doubt McCready was on a hunt, not with the way he'd been driving in a circle of the South. Sarah folded up her map and crammed it back into the glove box. The rat-bastard was not getting away from her. Sarah smiled fondly as she pulled back on the road. Rufus never called her a bloodhound for nothing. Sarah always got her hunt.


Colombus was a dead-end and Aaden felt very tempted, for the few hours he remained in town, to simply drive the three hours back to his informant and knock lose a few of his lying weasel teeth. He managed to call a judge in Altoona and tell them about how one of their former convicts broke his restraining orders and tried harassing one of his victims by hiring a private eye, yet the satisfaction of sending a creeper into trouble didn’t quite lessen his frustration.

The Shifter had to make a few calls and to promise favors after favors, but he was finally able to get way more accurate intel on the whereabouts of this brutal and obnoxious hunter he heard about. Although he wasn’t sure it was good news or not: it will be a rural hunt, deep in the woods, through small towns of less than a thousand human souls. The Shifter did live by himself in the forest for a long time and would still return to it quite often after being adopted so he wasn’t afraid of what could hide in those. However, investigating in small towns was always quite a pain since the inhabits tend to distrust any strangers and avoid talking to them for many reasons.

Even when he’ll put on his most charming smile and manners, his accent will make him appear right away like some smug Yankee going for a safari in the deep southern territories... at least for some. And although Aaden was quite talented with mimicking accents to blend in –part of his Shapeshifter abilities or so he believed- many little details only locals know about could ruin it all in a matter of seconds.

“Hickory Flat…”
Aaden carefully read on the wooden panel at the entrance to the town that greeted travelers.
“I’ve seen more exciting names” He commented to himself with a snarky smile on his lips while taking a quick look at the GPS screen on his dashboard to memorize a bit more the layout of the area.

At least he had been able to find the place, quite a feat he took guilty pleasure in thinking.

The lead came from a friend of an old barman who heard his elder mention the name of McCready, a flat and something located where the Interstate 22 East met the “178”. The former policeman easily pinpointed a small town that seemed to coincide very well with those hints, and quickly made his way to the northern counties of Mississippi.

He rented a room in the closest motel around –a 20 minutes ride from there, in an Inn located in New Albany, on Coulter Drive- and tried to find where his prey dwelled, but the rat wasn’t in town. So the imposter then took for a ride the Dodge Ram 1500 he borrowed while his good old Camaro 1969 SS was getting fixed somewhere in Indiana –a freak hunting accident- and went looking for the man in Hickory Flat. There were many cabins to rent in the area surrounding the town and just as many half deserted by their rightful owners: McCready could be hidden anywhere.

Since he doubted the town had its own tourist office, the Shifter decided to stop by the clerk office to see if he could get any information on the cabin rental business, no matter what he could find out there.


Sarah cursed as she was pinned to the wall again. It seemed she had missed McCready by scant hours, and in turn found the reason why he had left in such a hurry. The black-eyed bitch just laughed as she struggled against her invisible bonds. A trail of fire lanced slowly across her stomach. Sarah gritted her teeth, determined not to give the demon the satisfation for the pain it was causing.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," the demon admonished. "Now that's no fun. You hafta make noise. All the best toys makes the funnest noises." It rotated its fingers and Sarah felt her arm twist out of its socket. Try as she might, she couldn't bite back a small yelp of pain. The demon squealed. "Now that's more like it!"

"Go. to. hell," Sarah gritted out past the pain.

The demon just waved her hand in a whatever gesture. "Been there, done that." A malicious grin spread across her face. "This is much more fun." Shards of glass from the window Sarah had been thrown through earlier floated up and around her. Every once in a while a random shard would slash at her. There was no pattern to the maddness, but none of the shards actually touched her. The slashing increased in tempo until the glittering bits of glass danced and swayed around her. Sarah sucked a deep breath and braced for the eventual pain. When the first shards finally made contact, Sarah did something she hadn't done since Rufus took her under his wing: She closed her eyes and prayed. Whole passages of Solomon passerd through her head in Latin. She searched them for the right one, and when she came to it, she mumbled it softly, too softly for the demon to hear her over the flying glass and its own perverse laughter. Sarah repeated the verse, letting power build. When she had enough, she let her voice raise until she all but screamed the last words. The demon cursed violently as it was forced to leave its meatsuit.

Sarah and the glass collapsed to floor at the same time. She took a moment to gather her strength before checking the limp body. Poor girl, the demon had ridden her hard. Then Sarah took a moment to catalogue her own injuries. nothing life threatening, most superficial lacerations. There were a few deep enough to need cleaning and dressing and her shoulder needed to be popped back in. Sarah lifted her arm in place and slammed her shoulder into the wall, popping the joint back into the socket with a small hiss. Then she spared enought time to tend to the deeper cuts before climbing back into her 'Stang and following McCready's trail. He'd had a five hour head start, but from what she had been able to gather before running into Black-eyes, the traitor had been heading south to Missouri. The town, a rural little thing in the middle of a forest, was called Hickory Flat. Sarah consulted her atlas and saw that if she gunned it, she could be there in a little under two hours, two and a half if she had to slow for cops.


Aaden John Connor pulled into the small parking lot beside the town clerk office and got off of his truck, subtlety stretching his muscles, sore from remaining seated too long these few last days. Neighboring the Mayor’s office, the building was the closest thing this town had to a decent town hall, and a humble reception desk stood before the entrance in the small wooden hall, as a wall close by was covered with a few flyers advertising locals businesses and touristic attractions in the county –mostly camping grounds and houses or all-terrain vehicles rental. Behind the desk, eying with mild interest the old screen of his computer, a balding middle aged man sat there, probably having the role to both greet newcomers that came by and schedule some more serious appointments for legal matters.

When the light door closed behind the Shifter, the employee threw what seemed to be at first an annoyed glance at the tall figure standing in the doorway, but something quickly changed on his stocky suntanned face. The man was probably expecting a local, or at least someone else than the 6feet2 stranger with a grey flannel shirt, dark used jeans and black leather jacket that stepped casually in. Or so that was what Aaden hoped deep inside him as he flashed the white of his teeth in a friendly smile to the employee at the desk, trying to appear as innocent as possible in this set of clothes he picked expressly so he would merge better with his surroundings.

”Is there anything I can do for you, sir?” The man at the desk asked.

However, the former policeman nearly frowned as he realized something sounded very wrong in the other man’s tone. The human seemed suddenly amused and aggressive, not as a xenophobic mocking a stranger, but as a predator that found an angle on its prey. Aaden really didn’t like the feeling and became immediately wary, yet he kept his friendly look on just in case.

”Nothing much, thanks: I was only looking for a place to get info on real estate around here, but seems like there’s everything I need right on those shelves…”
The Shifter answered with a slight drawl matching the other man’s own, pointing at the flyers with his thumb and picturing in his mind the handgun he was wearing currently under his vest.

”You’re telling me someone like you would simply pass by to look into one of those crappy family house in the middle of nowhere? Come on! Don’t you tell me you haven’t anything funnier to do in such times!” The middle aged man laughed back, slowly standing up with a fiendish smile on his lips.

Aaden instinctively turned slightly his upper body to make himself a smaller target and make sure drawing would be easier, but in his mind he was confused: was he made out? But how? Who was this man and what did he know about him? Could it be the infamous McCready? But then, what the hell was he talking about, and how did he learn… whatever it is he knew about Connor?

”Woah um… What?! Sorry buddy but I have no idea what you’re talking about…” The Shifter tried, still in his role just in case, but was quickly interrupted

”Oh sure you do, and trust me big guy: I’ve seen those pale little eyes of yours flash like stars the moment I saw you! Speaking of which, what do you think of mines?”

Aaden opened wide eyes as the man at the desk changed his eyes from hazel to a pitch black that swiftly took over his whole globes. A demon?!
Yet, before the Shifter could even draw his weapon, he felt a tremendous force push him brutally backward and, as he barely noticed he was flying through the air on half a dozen feet, he went crashing hard on the flyers covered wall pan.


Sarah did a quick visual sweep of the sleepy little town of Hickory Flat as she rove through it. A diner, a general store, and a few local businesses littered the main street. The Sheriff's office sat one one end of the street and the Mayor's office and County Clerk's office sat on the opposite end. Sarah pulled her 'stang next to a battered pickup parked outside the Clerk's office. She winced as she stretched her still sore shoulder before getting out of her car. A loud crash had her sweeping the street, but there was nobody. Sarah grabbed her prepacked kit from the back seat and ran into the small office building. A bading middle aged man stood behind a computer desk with his hand outstretched. His eyes were inky black and his smile predatory. Sarah spared a quick glance for the poor guy pinned to the wall before focusing all her attention on the demon.

"Cristo," she threw out. The demon flinched and Sarah smiled. Good, a weak one. "In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, I command you!" Sarah invoked in pure latin. The demon stumbled back and Sarah heard the other guy drop. She pulled out her sawed-off and shot the demon with salt rounds before he could recover. Sarah turned to the other guy only to find him in a defensive crouch and brandishing a gun. Not a civilian then. She threw him her sawed-off which he plucked from the air with ease. "Distract him! That's got another four shots in it." Here's hoping he knows what he's doing. Sarah turned back to the demon without waiting for aknowledgement. She pulled a blessed dirk, a container of salt, and can of quick dry spray paint from her kit before rounding the demon. If the guy did his job, she'd be able to get a devil's trap ready in minutes.


The impact took his breath away and pain exploded along his back, although it was replaced in a matter of half a second by a more overwhelming feeling when the back of his head hit the board of the shelves. His vision nearly grayed out entirely as the pain paralyzed him, yet he was quickly overcame when his muddled mind –already trying to cope with so many pain signals at once- realized two things: first, he wasn’t falling to the ground after hitting the wall, and then he still was unable to take a breath and let air flood his lungs. It was as if something was pressing on his chest, squeezing his already abused muscles against the sharp angles of whatever was fixed to the wall, making his ribs scream in protest.
He opened his eyes he didn’t know he had shut in the first place with shock to see he was in the air, pinned to the wall and unable to move. Before him, the demon had his hands outstretched toward him as if performing a magical feat.
So that’s what they do, Aaden though as he clenched his teeth, panic slowly rising as his whole body throbbed with his speeding heartbeat and as his lungs started to starve for oxygen. It was his first time: before this, he only witnessed demons tied up to chairs in the middle of pentagrams as some hunter he was investigating on would torture the creature with spray of Holy Water.

Yet before he could reflect more on the imminent danger he was facing helplessly, he heard a feminine voice shout something across the room before the same newcomer started reciting sentences in Latin. Before he knew, the tremendous pressure that held him against the wall vanished, and he heavily dropped to the floor, barely landing on his feet and avoiding by little collapsing in a heap. Breathing hard, the Shifter woozily stood while using the wall as support, though the sudden bang of a shotgun being shot right beside him triggered his reflexes: he took out his weapon in a smooth precise move and pointed the barrel to where the sound had came from.

A woman, a shotgun in her hands, pointing it at the demon… she wasn’t an enemy, she saved him… Aaden realized his mistake and, before she could notice, pointed his weapon toward the monster instead. A good thing since, a second later, she was throwing a look at him –she was pretty, but no time for this!- before passing him her sawed-off and asking for a distraction.
His back and ribs still throbbed painfully, but his policeman instincts completely took over and pushed away the ache: he agreed without a word, tugged his own gun into the band of his jeans, immediately pumping the shotgun and dashing forward. The Shifter position himself to the right, at about 7 feet from the desk and shot the demon at a closer range just as it was recovering from the first salt pellets.

The demon went crashing into a generic file cabinet behind him, but Connor knew he couldn’t keep on with the same tactic: the huntress was drawing one of those containment pentagrams on the ground. That meant he had to make sure the demon would step into the trap and not simply remain his back against the wall. He had to keep the demon attention on him and nothing more, and the best way was to irate him as much as Aaden could so the anger would blind him.

“Hey pal! I have to admit, you really got me good few minutes ago; I doubt I will be able to sleep on me back tonight. Aaden mocked, acting more like a jerk than he was

”You won’t make it through the day…” The demon growled, standing up and pushing the desk out of his way. The desk slid on a few feet in a scraping sound, showing the possessed being was quite strong physically.

”You’re good! I’m sure you could get the silver medal at the national furniture bullying countest!”

With a raging gesture, the demon telekinetically lifted and threw toward Aaden the computer screen. The former policeman barely avoided it and replied with a shot at the evil creature’s outstretched arm. The thing growled and clutched its arm in pain and the Shifter took the occasion to take a quick look at the mystery woman: she was nearly done with the symbols.

Yet, the moment he put his attention back on the demon, the hellish creature suddenly lunged at him with a fuming hiss.


continued here


so my friend mac and i once started an SPN rp... it ran well for about a month before we just stalled.... too bad too, b/c we were really getting into the story... i'm archiving it here just in case whatever and also to have an example of what an RP can be for friend who have never done it before.... but first, an introduction written by my friend Lizzieanne based on her own experiences!

"The only RP I know about is what I've seen on Gateworld. I joined in with a story for a while that got me into writing. It was really fun.

We had OC's in a Stargate World...an AU Atlantis. We were Commanders, Docs and variety of ragtag people.  :P  We had Lorne (and Carson) as well because the whole thing was spawned from the LorneLovers thread. Shep and Ronon turned up occasionally.  :)

Anyway...no one actually played the part of Lorne and the others...just their own characters...but they were included in the storyline.

For that RP we used our online names as our characters and each wrote a small piece of the story - as much as we felt like, but not a huge amount - using any characters as they came into the story.

We did have an outline of the story to start us off and had a discussion every now and again to keep it on some kind of track.

This worked well for quite a time, with everyone jumping in to write a bit when they had time. Sometimes someone would write a bit that messed up with what you wanted to do...but that was part of the fun of it tbh, you had to think creatively as you went."

and now for character bios.... the first was Mac's character, and the second mine

"Name: Real name unknown, assumed identity: Aaden John Connor
Age: in his late forties, yet he always appears 30 years-old (when under his assumed identity of course)
Species: Shapeshifter
Special Abilities: a shapeshifter can take on another person's physical appearance and access the thoughts of any living person they mimic, according to Superwiki (supernatural’s wiki), yet Aaden’s  “thought reading abilities” are not well developed. On the other hand, his “shifting” speed is a little above the usual shifter speed. the process is still tiring, longer than putting on a new pair of jeans and gruesome nonetheless. Plus, since shapeshifter can only be killed by silver or iridium through the heart – either a bullet or a blade- and decapitation, you can assume they are more resistant to other injuries and able to heal themselves at a rate slightly faster than regular human beings >:D

Physical Appearance Aaden is not even sure if he has his own appearance since he has been shifting for as long as he can remember. The only trait he knows truly belong to him are those deadly pale irises he however has to hide behind a more human color to go unnoticed. However, he sure has a favorite appearance, one he had the chance to choose and manipulate through the years, as long as he would keep it the same or so(see character background).
He is a 6.2 feet tall Caucasian with light-brown hair –short, in a practical cut many soldiers and policemen wear- and pale blue eyes –Arctic Blue, more specifically. He is fairly well built and fit, with a sturdy frame and firm muscles that speak more of an active lifestyle than of the use of steroids and endless gym sessions.
His nose is straight and slightly aquiline; his facial bone structure, jaw and cheekbones are strong, giving his face that subtle Slavic look. While at it, he made his teeth straight and white, and made sure he would always look perfectly shaved –he’d make the beard or mustache appear if he wanted to anyway. Add to that an uniform and you’d think you are facing the typical bold young war hero like those portrayed on soviet propaganda posters.
Of course, instead of the characteristic woolen coat, Aaden rather wears more ordinary clothes, mostly dark jeans and dark dress shirts –of a casual cut-; dark t-shirts for the warm days and the old but clean black leather coat whenever the time gets colder –or when he is “hunting”.  
Personality Aaden is rather dedicated to whatever he is interested in. He is always eager to learn more about almost everything and proves to understand and think quite fast. He values very much the law and knowing the truth behind things, so much he can sometimes appear self-righteous. However, one can call him hypocrite when thinking of all the little secrets he keeps from the world, something that is reflected when he is with other trying to bound with him. At least he means well and he still proves able of behaving like a gentleman or even like a knight in shiny armor when someone is in danger. He also prefers sarcasms and cultural references based humor, but that doesn’t mean he is a bitter and stern man.  
Character Background
He knew he had parents and not only because he couldn’t phantom a creature being born without parents: even as he was a 6 years-old wandering in the forests at the edge of new suburb developments in search of food, he could talk and count and behave around others. In fact he simply could not remember who took care of him and why he ended up in the wild of Maine State, neither why he was able to change his appearance. At least he knew it wasn’t normal to do so. Furthermore, when he was approaching kids his age playing it the woods, he would make sure to always keep the same outer shell and never reveal his abilities.

One of his best friends –although the feeling wasn’t mutual- was the young and bratty Aaden Connor, son of an old and relatively rich family that would search for the Wild Boy of the Wood when his mansion bored him too much. A nice summer day, at their homemade teepee deep in the woods -and running out of cool critters to show his spoiled friend- the shapeshifter decided to reveal his morphing abilities. However, the little demonstration definitively frightened the human kid and, rendered mad from the horror and trying to get away from the monster, the well dressed little boy ran blindly to a short but steep hill and fell over the edge. If he didn’t die right away, he surely did before the night.

The wild boy couldn’t forget the sight of the little broken body down the cliff, and the thought of his family came to his mind: he couldn’t let them down, but he couldn’t reveal what horrible accident happened. So he covered the corpse with the largest rocks he could find and decided to take Aaden’s appearance and identity: he could then replace the little human and avoid saddening his parents and schoolmates so he thought. He went back to the mansion under the traits of the other boy and began his life of pretending, trying to behave the best he could in hope nobody would tell the difference.

The father, a busy and stern industrial, the school teachers and the mother, always away at a women’s club or so, only thought their boy finally decided to grow wiser; the domestics and the governess knew something was different with the boy but their comments on the matter were ignored by their bosses. So the fake Aaden studied hard, trained hard in his school sport teams, was nice to the grownups and the kids his age and would never let others know about his abnormality in his attempt to be the best son any parent wanted.  

At 18, his father died of natural causes and leaved his relative richness -yet not the factories he owned since he still had living partners. Soon after, probably inspired by all those adventure novels he used to read when he had to pretend being sick or mildly injured like any normal young man, Aaden decided to join the police academy. He succeed very well, was a good recruit and was about to be promoted when his life took a strange turn.
In fact, he was unlucky enough to be noticed by a hunter with radical methods when the human perceived Aaden’s retinal flare on a security feed on a screen above the counter, at some convenience store. The man found the trace of Aaden’s adoptive mother and ambushed him a day the shapeshifter came by for his weekly visit. The killer and the monster fought hard, but in the action, they managed to propel burning embers out of the fireplace, and the old mansion was quickly devoured by the flames. The opponents managed to escape alive, the hunter ran away and was never found again, but Aaden’s adoptive mother wasn’t so lucky.

Connor was deeply shaken by the death of the last person from this family; half convinced he was the cause of this destruction, but mostly alarmed by what he learned: there were people out there that only wanted to kill beings like him. He quitted his job, placed his inheritance in a secret bank account, sold what remained of his family’s property and moved to the capital in a lousy apartment. He officially became a Private Eye, but this was only a cover: in reality he was spending his days searching information about hunters and monsters, using his inherited money to bribe, buy books, weapons or drinks.
The realization struck him many time: he wasn’t alone; the other creatures would however kill countless humans, and some humans calling themselves Hunters were fighting back by wandering across the country in search of supernatural preys to slay.

That last thought worried him both for emotional reasons than by his police officer training: although saving people was good, he couldn’t allow psychopaths to kill everyone in their path –kill innocent humans but also innocent creatures that meant no harm like him. Vigilantes were illegal after all, and even if he wasn’t very close to his adoptive mother, he couldn’t let other families get broken by careless hunters. So he decided he’d secretly track down hunters, spy their hunting habits and make sure any of them harming in any way institutions or guiltless people would end up pretty quickly under arrest if not dead if he was forced to. This is how began his own traveling across the country, his shifting power, training and never aging body being assets in his own hunt."

"Name: Sarah Novak
Age: 30
Species: Human
Height: 5'8"
Build: Slender
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Bruenette, Waist Length, Straight
Bio: Sarah is fun loving, sarcastic and witty.  She has a habit of being able to see through bullshit to the truth of the matter.  So when she stumbled into the supernatural, she curiosity was peaked.  For 16 years she lived in a world full of growing technology and dwindling superstition.  When she found out her best friend was a witch, she tried telling her parents.  They of course didn't believe her.  Sarah tried talking to her brother, but Jimmy was too busy with his college courses and his bible studies to really pay attention.  Left with no recourse, Sarah investigated on her own.  Lani was in way over her head, and Sarah was eventually forced to kill her, though all the official reports say Lani's death was an accident.  Sarah spent two years learning as much as she could about the supernatural and even took on a few minor hunts around her home town.  When she turned 18, Sarah packed a bag and never looked back.  She hitchhiked around the country soaking up as much information as she could.  On one such information hunt she ran into Rufus, who was on an actual hunt.  Sarah showed great prowess with a shot gun, explaining it by say her dad was a deer hunter and taught her how to shoot.  Rufus, impressed by Sarah's calm during the hunt combined with her ability to get people talking, and, more importantly, talking about the truth, decided to take her under his wing and teach her about the hunt.  Through Rufus, she's met both Bobby Singer and Ellen Harville, and was once a regular at the Road House.  She also dated Ash for a time.  A prolonged chupricabra hunt outside DC had kept her occupied when the Winchesters had rolled in, and a second hunt in Albequerque saved her when the Road House had been burned down by demons.  Her only regret was that she hadn't been able to convince Ash to come with her on that second one.  Though she has heard much of the Winchesters, she's never met them, but when apocalyptic omens started flying around, Sarah tracked down her brother only to find that Jimmy was missing, and Amelia and Claire didn't know anything about it.  Almost a year later, Sarah gets a frantic phone call from Amelia saying Jimmy's an Angel and demons are after them.  Sarah gets the full story as she helps Amelia and Claire resettle and ward their new home.

[( ok, so yes, i went there :p Sarah's looks are based loosely off of Misha (he's 5'11" and will be turning 37 this year, which translated to Jimmy being 37 and a 7 year age difference is acceptable) and god, doesn't he look great for being nearly 40? )]"

okay, so that's the background info! this way to the story!


untitled SPN fic snippet

i was cruising around, reading random fanfic when the muse struck.... unfortunately she only gave me this little snippet... set at the end of Lucifer Rising... slight spoilers for Changing Channels, and a little OOC for Cas but I justify that with his Fall :p 

got to get to Sam before he opens the cage....Collapse )

untitled Janto shmoop

Title: Untitled Janto Shmoop
Author: Ayankha
Rating: PG-ish
Genre/Warnings: h/c, slash, Jack angst, and very slight Ianto angst in the first paragraph.
Summary:  He'd been to the end of universe and back, but there's no place like home.
Spoilers/Author's Notes: none/i'm a non-active member who hasn't even been by lurking since 2008.... so what makes me qualified to post fic? nothing, but this was eating away at my muse.  It was the beginning of a longer fic, but the plot bunny curled up and died before it could become anything.  I thought this was sweet enough to post on its own, so here I am sharing.  written after i watched s2, but set after Last of the Time Lords and definitely AU.  This has been sitting on my flash drive for a long bit while I worked up the courage to post it.  Un-beta'd so all mistakes are mine.  Reviews help my self-esteem.

Five friends sat together laughing and carefree.Collapse )

Birthday tally

So... yesterday was my birthday.... it was slightly overshadowed by my grandmother's passing, but we had finished the rites and rituals by midday, so it wasn't all that bad.  I got a nice little cache of gifts though.  From my parents, I got a new toshiba laptop and a canon powershot A490.  From the rest of my family collectively, I got 294$.  And then my coworkers bought me a cake..... So yeah.... not a bad day.... could have been better.... but really, we're just celebrate properly on sunday.... i think..... or something like that....


Kripke, Cars, and Firewall Filters

 My job's internet filters now block lj so i can't on at work.... firewall filters suck.... T-T

on the bright side, Kripke's got a go for S6.... yes, i know i'm terribly behind... but no computer means no internet, which of course means no news or discussing thereof.... i only found out about S6 b/c when i went to watch the finale, the little info thingie that dish network has said "Season Finale" and not "Series Finale" so yay !^-^!  but Kripke, i've said it before and i'll say it again... You Evil Bastard!!!! i mean you've given us some hell of a cliffies before, but the S5 finale really takes the cake.... I mean Dean's supposed to have happily ever after, or as much as he can without Sam, and then you bring Sammy back! that's just pure evil... tho i do like that Cas got a new set of wings, but i am sad he's going back to heaven.

and now onto cars... my radio station's doing this contest called Metal Shop where ppl call in to get their name on this wheel and when they spin it whoever wins gets a car... last year they just had a whole bunch of classic american muscle on a wheel and ppl went up to spin it and that was the car they won.... this year they're doing a "Then v Now" theme where every other week you call in to vote for either the classic or the modern version of the car, and then the following week you call in to get on the wheel and if you win the wheel spin you get whichever model got the highest votes.... round one was a Cammero, '69 v 2010...... round two is a Charger, dunno the years that they're voting on tho.... if they have a '67 Impala, not only am i voting as many times as i can, but i'm calling every chance i get to get on the wheel.... 

on a sadder note, i was in a car accident last night..... i was ten miles from home when it started raining... i was in the far left lane and my exdit was coming up so i was making my way to the far right lane on a three lane highway.... i was halfway there when it started raining.... i started reducing my speed and turned on my wipers when i felt my car start to hydroplane... i tried to keep my car in control but the next thing i knew a had tail spinned into a ditch.... 30 ft from the road.... luckily i didn't hit anything... my airbags didn't deploy and i wasn't hurt, but it was one hell of ride.... and not one i wanna repeat..... 

well i gtg to work... ttyl! 

hello world!

I'm not dead yet! But my computer is T-T hence why I haven't been on at all.  that, and I have a job now ^-^.  Front Desk Assisstant at a hotel.  I miss my computer T-T.... I lost a lot of music and all my bookmarks.  My mother's been diagnosed with breast cancer and my paycheck's going to house expenses so I don't even have the money to buy a new one.  Life's a Bitch.  Have I ever said that?  Well it's true and this isn't the first time I've realized it if I haven't said so before.  GTG.... Surfing LJ at work is a bad idea.  Later peoples! and maybe I'll have a real update next time!




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